University Leadership & Governance

ĻӰ is governed by its Board of Trustees, the President of the University and the senior executive team. These leaders carry out the direction set for the University by the President.

ĻӰ’s Board of Trustees is an active volunteer group that serves not only as an overseer of the University, but also as a participant in decision-making and policymaking process, steering and guiding ĻӰ into the future.

The Board of Trustees consists of no more than 35 men and women, each of whom brings a unique life experience to the University. Trustees are alumni and nonalumni; military, business and educational leaders. Their experiences help the University leadership to develop the best academic programs, experiential learning opportunities and operational processes by which to form the military and civilian leaders of tomorrow.

The Board divides itself into a number of committees, aligned with the University's major operating officers to focus on select areas of the University for careful study. The President is a member of the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the University’s day-to-day operations.