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Summer College Courses at 四虎影视

Summer Courses 2024

Summer Courses visual-2024
  • Take 1-15 credits
  • On-campus or online
  • 8-week and 15-week sessions
  • Self-registration will begin on March 18, 2024
For complete Tuition, Fees, and Refund Information, please visit the Bursar's website.

Why Take Summer Courses?

四虎影视 makes it easy to study online at home or on campus over the summertime. There are many reasons to take a course over the summer including to fast-track graduation, pave the way for a semester abroad, or catch up. 

Taking a class over the summer can help you graduate early or lessen your load during the regular school year. Here are even more benefits:

  • Gain personalized attention and one-on-one support in even smaller class sizes.
  • Flexible hours allow you to have a summer job while continuing your education.
  • Use summer school to get ahead, complete a second or third major, or tack on a minor to add specializations to your degree. 
  • Focus on difficult classes rather than feeling overwhelmed by multiple classes, extracurriculars, and/or Corps duties.
  • Reduce your workload for upcoming semesters.

Financial Aid

There are financial aid options if you're interested in summer courses. However, financial aid can vary depending on your circumstances. We recommend speaking with the to learn what financial support is available to you.

For students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours:

  • Pell Grant recipients may be eligible for summer Pell funding.
  • Students who have not used their full Federal Student Loan eligibility will be able to use their remaining amount for Summer School.

Students can apply for alternative loans that best meet their needs. Follow this link for a helpful starting point:  

All other financial aid questions should be addressed to the .

Open to all college students, including:

四虎影视 students: current, incoming, and transfer

Students who attend other colleges or universities

Non-四虎影视 students are welcome to register for the courses you need to advance your academic path. For more information contact Admissions or Summer School Coordinator Dr. Page Spiess at:

Step 1:  

Step 2: Once accepted, register for classes. 

Non-四虎影视 network access

STUDENTS: Before enrolling in summer classes, consult with your adviser at 四虎影视 or at your primary institution to be sure the courses you wish to take count toward your program of study.

Summer Course Preview

Gen Ed GoalSubjectCourseTitle Credits
1: Critical Reading,  Writing & ResearchEN110Writing and Inquiry in Public Contexts3
EN111Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts3
COMM301Business & Professional Writing3
COMM302Data Analysis and Writing3
SOCI401Culture and Anthropology6
2: Mathematics & Quantitative ReasoningMA102Mathematics: A Liberal Art3
MA107Precalculus Mathematics4
MA108Applied Calculus4
MA121Calculus I4
MA122Calculus II4
MATH232Elementary Statistics3
MA306Discrete Mathematics3
3: Human Expression in Literature, History, Arts & HumanitiesCOMM109Media Technology & Culture3
COMM312Law Enforcement Intercultural Communications3
EN220Children's Literature3
EN222Introduction to World Literatures3
EN 245Science Fiction Literature3
ENGL250Crime in Literature3
ENGL270Military Literature3
HI121American History Survey I3
HI210History of the US Constitution3
HI 262History of Baseball3
HIST310Historical Studies3
HIST402Israeli-Palestinian Conflict3
HIST425American Foreign Policy 20th Century3
HIST430The Cold War Revisited: The Sullivan Seminar3
PH110Think! Intro to Philosophy3
PHLS324Criminal Justice Ethics3
PH350Medical Ethics3
RELG300Comparative Religion3
SOCI220Cultural Issues & CJ System3
SOCI335Intro to Cultural Competence3
SOCI406Area Studies6
SP350Spanish for Health Professions3
4: Natural SciencesBI122Concepts in Biology3
BI 215Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BI 216Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
SCIE202Science, Technology and Procedures in Forensic Investigations3
SCIE301Environmental Science3
SCIE310The Scientific Basis of Sustainability3
NR365Pathopharmacology for Nurses4
5: Individual, Society & Social StructuresCOMM312Law Enforcement Intercultural Communications3
CJ101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRMJ201Foundations in Criminal Justice3
CRMJ303The Study of Crime3
EC201Principles of Economics (Macro)3
EC202Principles of Economics (Micro)3
ECON313Socio-Economic Studies3
ECON401Economic Studies6
PO105American Politics3
POLS302National Security Policy3
POLS306Comparative Politics3
POLS316Domestic Terrorism3
POLS318International Terroism3
PY101Introduction to Psychology3
SO201Introduction to Sociology3
SO214Racial & Cultural Minorities3
SOCI209Methods of Social Science Research3
SSDA315Insurgency and Conflict6
SSDA325Law of Armed Conflict and Legal Basis for Use of Force3
6: EthicsMG341Business Law I3
PH110Think! Intro to Philosophy3
PH350Medical Ethics3
PHLS210Ethics in the Modern World3
PHLS324Criminal Justice Ethics3
7: CapstoneThere are typically several capstone experiences that occur each summer semester on an Independent Study basis 
8: LeadershipLEAD101四虎影视 Principles of Leadership Mastery1
PY 210Psychology of Leadership3

Veterans Benefits

If you plan to use veterans benefits, you must be certified through the 四虎影视 certifying official. Visit our Veterans Affairs page for more information on using this benefit for paying for your summer courses.