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The Counseling and Wellness Center works to provide inclusive, individualized, collaborative care and support to the students of ĻӰ in a safe and confidential environment.

Through education and advocacy, we provide the entire ĻӰ community with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to understand, accept, and promote mental health and wellness. Focusing on strengths and resiliency, we foster opportunities for growth in which students will thrive, personally and academically.

Our primary purpose is to provide psychological support to students as they pursue their academic and personal goals, enhancing the student experience at ĻӰ. The Counseling and Wellness Center is primarily intended for assessment and short-term counseling, with referrals to local private counselors for longer-term treatment or psychological testing, if necessary.

The center is funded through the University Health Services Fee; there are no additional charges for services. Although we follow a short-term intervention model, the number of sessions varies and is discussed as part of the initial intake process.

Students come to the Counseling and Wellness Center for many reasons, including adjusting to college life, relationship difficulties, grief, family problems, academic stress, issues around identity development, depression, anxiety, eating and weight concerns, substance abuse and sexual and physical abuse and harassment.

The Counseling and Wellness Center at ĻӰ follows privacy and confidentiality guidelines set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the American Psychological Association, and the American College Counseling Association.

Some limits to privacy exist. With few exceptions involving safety and legal issues, information is not shared outside of counseling sessions without the student’s written permission.

Clinical files are safeguarded and DO NOT become part of students’ medical or military records. Seeking services through our center WILL NOT negatively impact a cadet’s standing. We are a nonmedical facility.

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Counseling and Wellness Resources

Mental Health Screening Tools

For students with student health insurance provided through .

Or simply Call 1-888-857-5462. They will connect you to MH resources in your area that take your insurance.

Try A Self Assessment

 is an anonymous online resource center for college students that offers a variety of self-evaluators that helps to identify common mental health issues, as well as tips on overall wellness.

is a program was purchased for the exclusive use of, and tailored to, the ĻӰ community. If you are not a member of the ĻӰ, please do not proceed on this site.

Graduate Internships

Interested in applying? ĻӰ Counseling and Wellness Center offers master's level  graduate internships for students in the field of counseling and social work. Interns interested in applying for a graduate internship should send a letter of interest and a resume to We begin accepting applications in December for the following fall. Deadline for application is January 15th. Specific Inquiries about our graduate internship should be addressed to Nicole Krotinger, Director of Counseling or Melissa Marcellino, Senior Counselor, 802-485-2134.