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Whether you enroll as a Cadet, Civilian, or Online student, you will be part of a diverse student community dedicated to challenging and supporting one another. ĻӰ’s mission is simple: to educate people to act, think, and succeed as active citizens of the world.

ĻӰ is committed to delivering experiential learning to a diverse student community. No matter the field of study, you will put your knowledge to the test by taking it out into the real world. By embracing commitment, courage, and the will to try, you’ll see the progress from pushing yourself beyond your limits.

ĻӰ comprises four colleges: the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, the College of Arts and Sciences , the College of National Service, the College of Professional Schools. You will find much interdisciplinary thought and dialogue among our colleges. We invite you to explore what each has to offer and discover the contribution you want to make to the evolving discussions.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences' goal is to help students better understand the world and the complexities of today's society, be aware of moral, ethical, and social issues, be prepared to exercise intellectual leadership and engage in scientific inquiry. 


The College of Arts and Sciences  delivers advanced training and qualifications in various fields, preparing prepare students to pursue advanced study, perform successfully in their careers, and become responsible citizens in a democratic society.

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College of Graduate and Continuing Studies

For over 25 years, ĻӰ has delivered online education to thousands of individuals worldwide. Our students enroll because we meet them where they are, whether at their local coffee shop, in the comfort of their bedroom, or while caring for family members.  Our 100% online degree offerings stress flexibility, accessibility, affordability, and career advancement.

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College of National Services

In the College of National Services, you'll learn and understand the principles of military, aerospace, and naval science. Our students build attitudes of integrity, honor, and individual responsibility while developing an appreciation of national security requirements. These objectives support the mission of ĻӰ and the Corps of Cadets and augment the training plan necessary to prepare cadets for service to the nations as soldiers and citizens.

The College of National Services includes Army Military Science, Naval Science, and Aerospace Science departments, each with a department chair and staff.


Army Military Science 
Naval Science 

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College of Professional Schools

The conceptual and hands-on meet in the College of Professional Schools.

Cross-discipline training, hands-on practice, and our spirit of collaboration let students strengthen conceptual foundations and develop practical, real-world skills. Our graduates leave with the confidence, empathy, and motivation to build the industries, processes, and structures our evolving society needs. 

School of Architecture + Art 

The School of Architecture + Art is challenging, fun and dedicated to producing architects who will serve the needs of people.

William M. Lasky School of Business 

Study business and prepare to lead. Whether you want to direct a large organization or a small team, a degree from ĻӰ’s School of Business will prepare you.

Senator Patrick Leahy School of Cybersecurity and Advanced Computing 

Whether they’re focused on computer network security, malware, forensics or cyberinvestigation, students in ĻӰ’s cybersecurity programs: Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Information Assurance (CSIA), Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity online degree completion program and Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance, will be well prepared for the kind of job that never gets stale and protects our country and private interests.

David Crawford School of Engineering 

By leveraging lab work and internships, our School of Engeneering majors form relationships with colleagues and professors in other departments and universities to solve the 21st century’s grand challenges.

School of Nursing 

Supported by outstanding faculty and new simulation laboratories, classrooms, and learning laboratories, the School of Nursing offers you an environment that encourages achievement and growth.

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