COVID-19 Protocols

ĻӰ COVID-19 Protocols

(Updated May 2023)

  1. ĻӰ encourages but does not require students and employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 including boosters as applicable.
  2. ROTC contracted students and those seeking to activate their contracts are required to follow DoD instructions and their specific Service Department requirements. Each ROTC detachment will inform incoming and returning contracted students of current requirements.
  3. Students and university employees may wear masks if desired. Masks will not be mandated for wear in any area. Masking protocols will be updated as needed consistent with medical and public health guidance.
  4. ĻӰ Health Services will provide testing and clinical patient care for students who display COVID-19 symptoms. Quarantine and isolation practices will be consistent with current medical and public health guidance.
  5. Employees who test positive for COVID-19 will self-quarantine for 5-days, with a return to full campus activity on the 6th day. Employees must wear a mask on days 6 through 10.
  6. Should the NCAA or any of our athletic conferences require additional measures for student athletes to participate in varsity athletics and/or inter-collegiate competition, ĻӰ will inform affected students and require compliance to continue team participation.
  7. The ĻӰ Campus Health Task Force will continue to meet monthly to review campus status; evaluate updates and input from our Medical Director, the VT Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control; and suggest policy updates to the ĻӰ President. The Task Force can be reached at